Dormition of the Mother of God
Orthodox Monastery
Rives Junction, Michigan

Official Statements

OCA (3/17/20)(3/30/20) (5/1/20)

ROEA (3/17/20)

Dormition Monastery (3/13/20)

Assembly of Bishops (3/17/20)(4/3/20)

Suggested Paschal Readings


* Gospel of John

* Acts of the Apostles



* Pentecostarion

** Lash Translation

** Lamberton Translation



* St Gregory the Theologian

** 1st Paschal Homily (Oration 1)

** 2nd Paschal Homily (Oration 45)


HDM Media

Livestreaming of Services


Paschal Hours:

* English: pdf  audio

* Romanian: pdf audio


Lenten Hymns (Romanian Audio):

Doamne al Puterilor

* Slava la Duminica Crucii

* Slava Vames si Fariseu

* Cu noi este Dumnezeu

* Akatist IH

* Usile Pocaintei

Fr. John's Homilies


Expulsion of Adam and Eve mp3

First Saturday of Lent mp3

Sunday of Orthodoxy mp3

Second Saturday of Lent mp3 pdf

Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas mp3

Third Saturday of Lent mp3

Sunday of the Cross mp3

Fourth Saturday of Lent mp3

Sunday of St. John of Sinai mp3

* Stepstool of Divine Ascent

Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt mp3

* Learning Repentance from St. Mary

Palm Sunday mp3

Great & Holy Saturday mp3


Bright Saturday mp3

St. Thomas Sunday mp3

St. Thomas Saturday mp3

Myrrhbearers Sunday mp3

Myrrhbearers Saturday mp3

Paralytic Sunday mp3

Paralytic Saturday mp3

Samaritan Woman Sunday mp3

Samaritan Woman Saturday mp3

Blind Man Sunday mp3

Holy Ascension mp3

Saturday after Ascension mp3

Fathers of First EC Sunday mp3

Soul Saturday mp3


Pentecost mp3

First Saturday mp3

All Saints mp3

Second Saturday mp3

All Saints NA mp3

Third Saturday mp3 pdf

Third Sunday mp3

Fourth Saturday mp3

Fourth Sunday mp3

Fifth Saturday mp3

Fifth Sunday mp3

Sixth Saturday mp3

Sixth Sunday mp3

Seventh Saturday mp3

Seventh Sunday mp3

Eight Sunday mp3

Ninth Sunday mp3

Eleventh Sunday mp3

Twelfth Sunday mp3

Thirteenth Saturday

Thirteenth Sunday mp3

Saturday before Cross

Sunday before Cross mp3

Elevation of Cross mp3

Saturday after Cross mp3

Sunday after Cross mp3

Saturday--First of Luke mp3

Sunday--First of Luke mp3

Saturday--Second of Luke mp3

Sunday--Second of Luke mp3

Saturday--Third of Luke mp3

Sunday--Fathers of 7th EC mp3

Sunday--Third of Luke mp3

Saturday--Fifth of Luke mp3

Sunday--Sixth of Luke mp3

Sunday--Fifth of Luke mp3

Sunday--Seventh of Luke mp3

Sunday--Eighth of Luke mp3

Sunday--Ninth of Luke mp3

Thanksgiving mp3

Saturday--Tenth of Luke mp3

Saturday--Eleventh of Luke mp3

Sunday--Tenth of Luke mp3

Saturday before Nativity mp3

Sunday before Nativity mp3

Saturday after Nativity mp3

Synaxis of the Theotokos mp3

Sunday after Nativity mp3

Sunday before Theophany mp3

Holy Theophany mp3

Sunday after Theophany mp3

Saturday--12th of Lk mp3

Sunday--12th of Lk mp3

Saturday--14th of Lk mp3

Sunday--14th of Lk mp3

Saturday--15th of Lk mp3

Sunday--15th of Lk mp3

Meeting of the Lord mp3

Saturday--16th of Mt mp3

Sunday--16th of Mt mp3

Sunday--17th of Mt mp3

Publican & Pharisee mp3

Saturday--17th of Lk mp3

Triodion 2021

Prodigal Son mp3

Last Judgment mp3

Expulsion of A&E mp3

Sunday of Orthodoxy mp3

Annunciation mp3

Saturday--2nd of GL mp3

St. Gregory Palamas mp3